"Dianne was able to assist me in taking a closer look at some areas in my life that were still problematic. Together, we created a systematic plan and some tools that I could use that helped me to gain a more positive approach and delightfully a most positive and peaceful outcome. I would highly recommend working with Dianne who is professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and is able to connect with you to determine how you can best meet your current needs to bring your health back into balance.”  Joni


Am I the Right Coach for You?

I sought counsel from a mentor years ago to help me clarify my niche for coaching. She said, "Dianne, in your personal journey through life, name the most difficult challenges you have overcome. Now,  look back over the bridges you have crossed and see the women on the other side. They need help navigating the way. This is your tribe, your niche.

So here you have it ladies....the areas in my life where I have developed mastery, the roll up your sleeves way. Though I am talented in many areas of coaching, these are the ones that bring me the most joy in coaching and where my well of wisdom runs deep.

  • Befriending loneliness to thrive alone

  • Overcoming food obsession, overeating and bingeing

  • Healing distorted, automatic thinking

  • Creating a self-care lifestyle

  • Learning to feel feelings and respond to the data they provide

  • Discovering and trusting your inner guide

  • Navigating change

I can help you cross your bridge.



Thanks to many beautiful mentors in my life, I have navigated the journey through careers, motherhood, work-life balance, health and many forms of relationships. Some of the journeys were smooth sailing, others were tough and heart wrenching. I am filled with gratitude for the support of  these women. My experience being witnessed, challenged and supported by women inspires me to share the skills and wisdom I have gained to support women in their own unfolding. 

Life Training

My most valuable education came from navigating life after divorce with my two children,  the pain of loneliness and competitive training as an athlete. I know what it is like to transition to single parenthood,  numb out from life with food, TV, alcohol, over work, over training, and to give beyond my personal resources. These behaviors led me to chronic injury, illness, weight gain and severed relationships. To restore my health, I hired my own coaches, rolled up my sleeves, and did the work necessary to re-gain balance and learn compassionate, committed, self-care. I have alot of wisdom and skillful guidance to offer you as a coach. I can help you discover and feed what truly makes you happy and feel all that life has to offer. It would be a pleasure to walk with you on your journey to meet your goals.

My Formal Training

I have 33 years of professional experience as a Board Certified Health Educator, Certified Physical Education Teacher, Coach and Event Manager. I chose to augment my professional training by  acquiring certification as an Integrative  Health Coach through the Integrative Health Coach Training Program in the Integrative Medicine Department at Duke University Health System. The reputation of the Duke Medical Center as  one of the best in the world, and the rigorous program requirements led me to choose this training. The coaching framework is researched based. Students are required to complete extensive coursework, undergo supervision, pass written and oral exams and complete numerous coaching hours. The Duke IM Health Coach Training Program sits at the top in the industry. I believe so strongly in the integrity of this program that I have since returned as a volunteer to mentor new students. 

 In September 2017, I passed the first Health and Wellness Coach certifying exam in the United States to earn the new credential National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. The certification exam was provided by the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching,  a collaboration between the National Board of Medical Examiners and the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaches. To deliver consistent standards to the Health Coaching profession, the ICHWC, a consortium of thoughts leaders and 52 health and wellness coach training and education programs, and the National Board of Medical Examiners, which develops and administers physician licensing examinations in the United States, joined forces to establish standards for health and wellness coach training and education programs and a coach certification exam.  The National Board exam is based upon a set of competencies for appropriately developing the coaching relationship, communication techniques, processes for behavior change health and wellness knowledge, ethics and professional development, and more.