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I Provide Individual and Group, Life, Health and Wellness Coaching. 


What Can I Expect In My Coaching Sessions?

Individual coaching occurs over the phone or through Skype, and group coaching, in person. This enables me to keep costs affordable and helps clients create time for sessions during their  busy day.

I am a Certified Integrative Health Coach trained at Duke Integrative Medicine. The framework I utilize is a whole life approach.  Just as all the elements of a hanging mobile are impacted when one is disturbed, so too it is with our lives. One change impacts our entire being thus it is important to consider the client's whole life within the coaching process. 

 We will begin the coaching process with a thorough assessment using Duke Integrative Medicine's Wheel of Health. This includes  areas of your Mind-Body Connection, Movement, Exercise and Rest, Nutrition, Personal and Professional Development, Physical Environment, Relationships and Communication, Spirituality and any other areas you would like to include. 

In subsequent sessions, we will together explore and clarify what you value most in your life, . We will then create your vision, goals, and action steps. Your lifestyle, wisdom, experience and self-knowledge are all valuable considerations in our planning. Check-Ins ensure accountability and enable us to look at any "barriers" to your progress objectively to refine and create new steps that move you to your goals.

 I integrate mindfulness exercises and visualization into sessions. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a mindfulness-based cognitive therapy program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, which uses a combination of mindfulness meditation, body awareness, and yoga to help people become more mindful. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn defines it as "paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, without judgement, as if your life depended on it." This ability to simply observe and accurately sense thoughts, emotions, physical sensations without having to change them, can be instrumental in breaking habitual patterns of impulsive behavior that can harm our health. Recent studies related to mindfulness show that this practice may improve memory and academic performance, help with weight loss and eating healthier foods, lead to better decision-making, lower stress, help cope with chronic health issues, improve immunity and create positive brain changes. 

 Expect deep listening from me as your coach. My goal is to be mindfully present to understand and tune into your body language, voice intonation and your words without judgement, or unconscious attempts to move you in the direction "I desire". I will skillfully ask questions to stimulate  insight and self-discovery. 


 Whether your goal is to clarify your next steps, chart a new course or to create behavior change, know that I am here to help.  If your goal is behavior change, research shows its best to receive coaching for a three month period for guidance and support while you create your new behavior pattern.  Should you have multiple behavior changes I suggest six months or longer. I highly recommend you take advantage of the complimentary 30 minute coaching session I offer. You will be able to quickly assess my skills and determine your comfort level with me as your coach.

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I am here to support you in creating the life you want to live. Choose the coaching option that's best for you!

3 Months

8 coaching sessions

1-up to 90 minute Health and Lifestyle Assessment

7-45 minute coaching   sessions:

  • Month 1: 4 weekly sessions
  • Months 2 and 3, 4: bi-weekly sessions


Unlimited text and e-mail, 5-8pm EST

6 Months

12 sessions

1-up to 90 minute Health and Lifestyle Assessment

11-45 minute coaching sessions:

  • Month 1: 4 weekly sessions
  • Months 2 thru 4: 6 bi-weekly sessions
  • Months 5 and 6: 2 once a month sessions

Unlimited text and e-mail, 5-8pm EST


9 Months

 16 sessions

1-up to 90 minute Health and Lifestyle Assessment

15-45 minute coaching sessions:

  • Month 1: 4 weekly sessions
  • Months 2 thru 5: bi-weekly sessions
  • Months 6 thru 9:  once a month sessions

Unlimited text and e-mail, 5-8pm EST



  • Payment may be made in 2 installments at the beginning of coaching and mid-way, via credit card or check.
  • Clients may end the coaching partnership at any time. A one month notice is requested.  
  • Additional sessions may be scheduled at a rate of $125 per session.
  • Sessions are available via telephone or Skype.